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Additional Testimonials


I heard of Dr. Soleymani when he did surgery on my husband Alrel Long, when he was at Centinela Hospital. Dr. Soleymani was recommended to be my husband’s doctor, my husband and I agreed. I was in a lot of pain in my right foot. I had three surgeries on the right foot medal and pins where they took the bone out on the bunion. I choose Dr. Soleymani he was my husband’s doctor and from day one I felt that he was concerned about his patients and he was good at his profession. After three different surgeries, from three different doctors and my right foot was messed up. Dr. Soleymani did surgery Feb 2, 2010 did a remarkable job at this time I have no problem with walking or pain, he is a wonderful doctor.

Patricia Long; 5/3/2010

Before I met Dr. Soleymani, I had so much pain in both of my feet due to the bunions and hammer toes. On my first appointment with Dr. Soleymani, he took his time and explained the process to correct my problem. He also answered all my questions since this was my first major surgery. Because of my work schedule I had one foot done at a time. The recovery time was only one month which worked great for my work schedule. Over all I am very satisfied and would recommend Dr. Soleymani to any one who is looking for corrective surgery on their feet.

Tyecheia Norman;  6/11/2010

In 2005, my husband  was referred to the Cedars Foot & Ankle Center for treatment. He was vey pleased with the medical treatment that he received from Dr. Soleymani.

After consulting with Dr. Soleymani, I decided to take the courage and undergo surgery to move the bunion and hammer toe. Dr. Soleymani was very through with explaining the surgical procedure outcome, and I was especially impressed with his history. He did not paint an unrealistic picture of the kind of results that most people would expect to hear from a physician. He spoke candidly about the potential risks and benefits of the surgical procedure.

The surgical outcome was better than Dr. Soleymani expected. My left big toe and the hammer toe healed very well. I experienced minor swelling and bruises after the post surgery. Although Dr. Soleymani prescribed pain medication, I did not need to take any medications because I never experienced any post surgical pain. I wore a boot, which was removed after only 4 weeks.

When I consider the numerous years that I suffered from bunion and hammertoe pain on my left foot, I am delighted that I choose Dr. Soleymani to perform the surgery. I can comfortably wear a left shoe again after 10 years of experiencing discomfort.

My overall experience and surgical results were excellent because of Dr. Soleymani’s surgical expertise. I would recommend Dr. Soleymani/Cedars Foot & Ankle Center for anyone suffering from foot discomfort. You will definitely experience excellent treatment by a team of knowledgeable healthcare professionals who take great pride on providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Paula Charlton; 7/29/2010

 I first saw Dr. Soleymani September 10, 2010. My symptoms were severe with right heel pain not being able to do my usual activities which included walking approximately four miles daily and training for half marathon. I was referred by Dr. Boredave. Dr. Soleymani treated me as if he had known me for many years. He was very caring, took all the time I needed to explain my problem.

Dr. Soleymani was able to see me as a walk in. He had no doubt that I would be ready for the marathon. I was able to complete my half marathon without any pain. I would recommend Dr. Soleymani because I feel he would be the doctor that is kind, caring and concerned about patients, and well learned in his field.

Betty Phillips; Date: 12/8/2010

My doctor sent me to Dr. Soleymani for pain in my left foot. I was having pain in my left foot and I had a bunion it was giving me lots of pain. Because he cares about he’s patients. The experience was good, after the surgery it went good. I am not having any pain now. Everything is going good for me. I thank Dr. Soleymani, he is a good doctor he cares about he’s patients. The post operative was good no pain.

My overall experience was  great , I would recommend doctor Soleymani to all my friends and family, because he is a great doctor.

Henrean Tuggle; 6/9/2010

I first heard about Dr. Soleymani , through  San Pedro Medical Center. When I complain about my feet hurting all the time, I wear steel toe boots to work, I was told I had hammer toes I hear Dr. Soleymani was the best man for the job. My toes look great and I don’t have the pain that I had before. The staff all very professional, I did have some post-operative pain,   but with some foot therapy all pain is gone over all. The surgery center to his office did a great job. I would do it all again.

Thank you Dr. Soleymani.

Sharon Brannen; 10/26/2010

I saw Dr. Soleymani last year through my primary Dr. Angelita Beredo.  I had severe pain on my left foot due to bunions. I chose Dr. Soleymani because he was highly recommended by my doctor. My experience was really good and with no pain. He is very articulate and he explained to me the procedure. Overall my experience is very good and I would highly recommend him to other patients especially those who are diabetic.

Denia D. Wade;  5/20/2010

I came to see Dr. Soleymani on October of 2010. My friend is a patient of his, and she was really happy with Dr. Soleymani treating her. I had pain in little left toe, I had a fractured toe. I decided to go head with the surgery. My results are great, I don’t have any more pain, I don’t have the little bump to and I could wear closed toe shoes. I would recommend Dr. Soleymani to any person who has foot problems. He is really professional.

Sandra Mejia;  2/3/2010


My primary care doctor sent me to Dr. Soleymani for pain in my left foot. I was having pain in my foot because of bunion deformity. It was giving me lots of pain. He perfomed surgery on my left foot. The post-operative was very good with no pain. I am not having any pain now. My overall experience was great one. I would recommed Dr. Soleymani to all my friends and family because he is a great doctor.


Ms. Henrean Tuggle, Palmdale, California

Fri, Dec 10, 2010 9:12 pm

With thanks for what you did...With appreciation for all you are. Thank you for a successful surgery. Everybody's very friendly, efficient & respectful at the Surgery Center. They really take good care of their patients properly. It wasn't necessary for me to take any pain medication after discharge. I felt much better after sleeping the whole afternoon and enjoying a light meal. I feel I'm recovering sooner than I expected. You really did a great job on me.

Thanks again for your care and assistance. I'm looking forward to see you.

Much appreciation

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