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Wound Care Specialist

Cedars Foot and Ankle Center

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Around 6 in 10 diabetics develop nerve damage that leads to a diabetic foot ulcer. At Cedars Foot and Ankle Center, wound care specialist Ashkan Soleymani, DPM, offers a full range of treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, MIST treatment, and skin grafts to heal even complex and stubborn wounds and ulcers. There are two offices In Inglewood and Tarzana, California, so schedule your appointment by calling the office nearest to you or book online today.

Wound Care Q & A

What is wound care?

Wound care is a treatment for chronic nonhealing or slow-healing wounds. At Cedars Foot and Ankle Center, Dr. Soleymani is a renowned wound care specialist who uses a wide range of advanced wound healing technology to help you heal.

When might I need wound care?

Diabetes complications are the most common cause of slow-healing and nonhealing wounds. Healing is complicated when high blood sugar causes nerve and vascular damage. 

Diabetic foot ulcers — open wounds that won’t heal —precede around 85% of all amputations today. Regular diabetic foot care can keep your feet healthy so that you can avoid foot ulcers. But, if you develop a wound that won’t heal or grows infected, wound care at Cedars Foot and Ankle Center can help you avoid severe outcomes like foot amputation.

How does the wound care process work?

Treatment focuses on identifying problems, such as infection and granulation tissue (unhealthy new tissue), and resolving them in the most effective way possible. 

Skin grafts

Dr. Soleymani uses the most advanced skin graft technology to replace skin lost to infection or other types of damage. Skin grafts work with your own skin, seamlessly healing into uniform healthy skin. 

MIST treatment

MIST treatment is a no-contact (no physical touching of your wound) treatment in which a saline mist delivers low-frequency ultrasound energy into your wound. The ultrasound energy stimulates healthy skin cell growth and accelerates the healing process.

Vacuum-assisted closure

Vacuum-assisted  In vacuum-assisted closure, a specialized device reduces air pressure on your wound. This treatment can reduce fluid in the wound, minimize swelling, clean the wound, and gently pull the borders of your wound to help the skin knit back together. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment that surrounds your wound with 100% pure pressurized oxygen. This type of therapy rapidly boosts your blood oxygen level, which helps you fight infection and speeds the healing process. 

In addition, you may need antibiotics for an infected foot ulcer. Severe wounds may have a significant amount of necrotic (dead) skin. Dr. Soleymani may perform a debridement, a procedure to remove that skin so you can heal. 

In some cases, Dr. Soleymani may use several different wound healing treatments together, based on your wound and the situation. 

Cedars Foot and Ankle Center provides the very best in diabetic wound care in Inglewood and Tarzana. Book your appointment by phone or call the office nearest you today.