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Ingrown Toenails Specialist

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Ingrown toenails may seem like a minor problem, but unfortunately, they can cause pain, swelling, and even serious infection if left untreated. At Cedars Foot and Ankle Center, skilled podiatrist Ashkan Soleymani, DPM, offers minimally invasive ingrown toenail surgery with cosmetically appealing results. Same-day appointments are available in the Inglewood and Tarzana, California, offices; call the nearest to you or schedule a visit online today.

Ingrown Toenails Q & A

What are ingrown toenails?

Ingrown toenails happen when a nail edge grows under the bordering skin; the skin usually turns an angry red color and may swell significantly. Ingrown toenails are usually quite sore or even seriously painful if pressured.

An untreated ingrown toenail can cause an infection in which the swelling, pain, and other symptoms worsen. An infected ingrown toenail may feel hot or leak pus. In the most severe cases, the infection can spread into the bones of your foot. 

What causes ingrown toenails?

Ingrown toenails can occur because of:

  • Cutting nails too short
  • Cutting nails in a curved fashion 
  • Wearing overly short or tight shoes
  • Dropping an object on the foot
  • Repetitive injuries 

Other foot problems may lead to ingrown toenails. For example, if you have a large bunion where your big toe overlaps the next toe, constant pressure from your shoe could lead to an ingrown toenail.

People with diabetes are prone to ingrown toenails, which is just one reason why diabetic foot care is so crucial. 

How are ingrown toenails treated?

If you have an ingrown toenail and you have diabetes or any chronic foot issues, you need treatment at Cedars Foot and Ankle Center right away.

If you're healthy and have only very mild ingrown toenail symptoms, you can try home care like soaking your toe in lukewarm saltwater. Never attempt to cut out the ingrown nail or lift it out of the nail bed; both can cause infection. If your symptoms don’t resolve quickly, call the office for an appointment with Dr. Soleymani.

Dr. Soleymani offers same-day ingrown toenail treatment in the Cedars Foot and Ankle Center office. He uses minimally invasive methods to remove the embedded corner of your nail. Dr. Soleymani has specialized training in cosmetic and plastic surgery, and he employs those skills to treat your ingrown toenail without scarring or disfigurement.

Dr. Soleymani takes steps to treat existing infections and prevent new infections, which may include topical or oral medication. He can also help you prevent recurrent ingrown toenails with helpful tips like cutting your nails straight across and never cutting your nails too short. 

If you have an ingrown toenail, call Cedars Foot and Ankle Center or schedule an appointment online today. Same-day appointments are available.